Night’s Black Agents – Random Character Generation

A couple weeks back, my buddy Jeff and I created a character for a solo Night’s Black Agents campaign that we are running.

Jeff came up with a random backstory for his character, to help determine his starting abilities.

With his blessings, I am happy to share his system here:

Rough rules for Night’s Black Agent random mission character generation.

I used this to create the mission and complication.

First, you randomly roll a Mission.

Then you start answering the questions and using a combination of choosing abilities that make sense for that mission and randomly rolling them and fitting them in.

After you get a feel for the mission you roll a complication and repeat the step of adding abilities. Either specifically or randomly.

  1. Assassination Who are you to kill? Why do they want them dead? What difficulties are there?
  2. Escort Who are you protecting? Where do you have to take them? How are you travelling?
  3. Info Gathering What do you need to find out? Who or What has the information?
  4. Pick Up What are you retrieving? Who is giving it to you? Where do you need to go to get it?
  5. Rescue Who are you rescuing? Who has them or Why do they need rescuing?
  6. Sabotage What are you destroying? Why do they want it destroyed? What difficulties are there?
  7. Smuggling What are you carrying? Where do you need to take it? What obstacles need to be passed?
  8. Theft What are you stealing? Where is it? Who is protecting it?

Then roll a Complication

  1. Betrayal Who betrayed you? Why, if you know? What was the outcome?
  2. Chase Who chased you? Did you get away or were you captured?
  3. Cover Blown Who found out your identity? What did they do about it?
  4. Fight Who attacked you? What kind of fight was it? Was anyone killed?
  5. Mission Change Why did the mission change? How did you adjust? Reroll on the Mission table.
  6. Something Missing What was missing? How did you complete the mission without it?
  7. Trap Who laid the trap? Did you escape it?
  8. Wrong Intel What was the misinformation? How did it effect the mission?

This is what I would use for randomly picking abilities:


1-8 Accounting 49-56 History
9-16 Archaeology 57-64 Human Terrain
17-24 Architecture 65-73 Languages
25-32 Art History 74-82 Law
33-40 Criminology 83-91 Military Science
41-48 Diagnosis 92-100 Research


1-10 Bullshit Detector 51-58 Interrogation
11-18 Bureaucracy 59-66 Intimidation
19-26 Cop Talk 67-74 Negotiation
27-34 Flattery 75-82 Reassurance
35-42 Flirting 83-90 Streetwise
43-50 High Society 91-100 Tradecraft


1-7 Astronomy 55-62 Notice
8-14 Chemistry 63-70 Outdoor Survival
15-22 Cryptography 71-77 Pharmacy
23-30 Data Recovery 78-84 Photography
31-38 Electronic Surveillance 85-92 Traffic Analysis
39-46 Forensic Pathology 93-100 Urban Survival
47-54 Forgery  

General Abilities

1-4 Athletics 51-54 Mechanics
5-8 Conceal 55-58 Medic
9-12 Cover 59-64 Network
13-16 Digital Intrusion 65-68 Piloting
17-20 Disguise 69-74 Preparedness
21-24 Driving 75-78 Sense Trouble
25-28 Explosive Devices 79-82 Shooting
29-32 Filch 83-86 Shrink
33-36 Gambling 87-92 Stability
37-40 Hand-to-Hand 93-96 Surveillance
41-46 Health 97-100 Weapons
47-50 Infiltration  

For certain missions or complications, you may want to use a narrowed list of abilities. A few examples are:

Fight Chase Social Interaction Sabotage
1-2: Hand-to-Hand 1-2: Athletics 1-2: Flattery 1-2: Digital Intrusion
3-4: Shooting 3-4: Driving 3-4: Flirting 3-4: Explosive Devices
5-6: Weapons 5-6: Piloting 5-6: Intimidation 5-6: Mechanics
    7-8: Negotiation

For the character that we made, I choose to create his first mission, a memorable mission and his last mission. The point was to use randomness and creativity to create the character. Using backstory to give history to his set of abilities. Have fun with it and like all roleplaying should be, your imagination is the limit.

Those are Jeff’s rules.  If you want to see them in action, you can see that here:

Night’s Black Agents – Random Character Generation

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