Live from the Sword Coast – DC Adventures RPG Actual Play

Howdy All,

This weekend, I got a chance to run the DC Adventures RPG for my annual birthday one-shot (every year I run a game that I don’t normally get a chance to run for a one-shot session).  This year, the one-shot features my friends playing members of the Green Lantern Corps who each come from an alternate Earth.

The session was a ton of fun, thanks particularly to the amazing creativity of my players.  I recorded the session and have just posted it to my YouTube channel and I have embedded the video of the session below:

For those who may be curious about the DC Adventures stats, here is the base template we used for the Green Lantern characters:


Green Lantern PC Power Level 10

Strength Stamina Agility Dexterity Fighting Intellect Awareness Presence
0 2 1 2 0 2 3 0


Power Ring: Array, Removable 116 points -23 points for Removable (93 points)

·         AI and Database: Features 1 (2 points)

·         Communication: Senses 1 (Comm Link to Central Power Battery) (1 point)

·         Flight: Flight 14 (32,000 mph), Movement 4 (Environmental Adaptation – Zero-G, Space Travel 3) (36 points)

·         Force Field: Protection 10, Impervious; Immunity 10 (Life Support) (30 points)

·         Force Manipulation (Array 24 points)

o    Force Blast 12, Dynamic (25 points)

o    Force Constructs: Create 12, Dynamic ( 2 points)

o    Lifting: Move Object 12, Dynamic (2 points)

o    Force Bubble: Affects Others, Burst Area on Immunity 10 (Life Support) (2 points)

o    Mobile Constructs: Create 8, Moveable, Dynamic (2 points)

·         Scanning Beam: Senses 6 (Analytical Auditory, Chemical, and Visual) (6 points)

·         Universal Translator: Comprehend Languages 4 (8 points)


Ultimate Effort (Will)


Insight 3 (+6), Perception 3 (+6), Ranged Combat: Power Ring 6 (+8)


Initiative +2
Force Blast +8 Ranged, Damage 12
Unarmed +0 Close, Damage 0


Dodge 8 Fortitude             8
Parry     8 Toughness             12/ 2
Will       12


Power Points
Abilities               20 Skills                     6
Powers                 93 Defenses             30
Advantages        1 Total                      150


Power Loss: The power ring needs periodic recharging and issues a warning as its power runs low.


Until next time, I remain,

  • The Dungeon Muser
Live from the Sword Coast – DC Adventures RPG Actual Play

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