TREASURES OF TIAMAT! – Magic Items from the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

One of my favorite parts of the new 5E Dungeon Master’s Guide are the tables that allow you to add random special features to the magic items found by your characters (found on pages 142 and 143 of the DMG).

As we have been playing through the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, the first half of Wizards of the Coast’s Tyranny of Dragons campaign, I have been using those tables to add some extra flavor to the magic items my players find, and I thought I would share a few of them here.


Vivexvalignant: This greatsword is a 5 1/2 foot long blade of oily, dark-gray iron named Vivexvalignant (a draconic word meaning “Burning Victory”). The hilt is a soot-stained representation of two black dragon heads rearing towards each other, and the hilt is wrapped in alchemically treated reptile skin.

It functions as a +1 Greatsword that grants the wielder resistance to acid, the wielder can understand spoken Draconic, those creatures hit with the blade are unable to heal for 1 round, and the wielder can cast the spell compelled duel once per day, when attuned. Otherwise, it is simply a +1 Greatsword.

Cinderstrong Bands: These vambraces are made of a blackened iron that appears coated in soot that does not rub off. The leather straps on the back seem, likewise, charred. The vambraces feature the wrought iron faces of demonic, horned humanoid creatures wreathed in stylized flames in a distinctly ancient style reminiscent of the lost Calim Empire (which fell 7000 years ago). Along the edges, they feature the crude runic script of the Ignan tongue (a subset language of Primordial…the language of the inhuman elemental planes). When the Cinderstrong Bands are worn, the wearer’s Strength is 19. They require attunement.

TREASURES OF TIAMAT! – Magic Items from the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

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